The Ultimate Guide To Blog Monetisation

Kayleigh Zara
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This a guide for bloggers to learn how to monetise your blog

This is not a guide for those who want to make a quick buck without putting in the hard work. This isn't a get rich scheme book, it's a book that will teach you the foundations to grow your blog over time. Yes, there are blogs out there that go from making £0-£10,000 overnight, but for most people this will not be a reality. I was in my 5th year of blogging when I started to make big money from it, and this came from years of building content, learning and trying things. 

The Ultimate Guide To Blog Monetisation will give you the means in which to start building the foundations to make money, but you need to put in the work to make it happen.

This ebook will be getting a large update alongside all my ebooks on the 27th of February. if you have already purchased a copy you will recieve an updated one on that date.

The guide goes over the following topics:

• What monetising route is best for my blog - Talking blog monetisation routes, and which to start with if you are a new blogger, which might benefit your blog and your niche better.

• Making money with affiliate marketing - How to make money with affiliate links via your Blog, Mailing list, Pinterest and more.

• How to start making money with email marketing - When people say 'the money is in the list' they aren't wrong. In this guide I'll be talking about 

• Seasonal Sales - As a blogger, there are often more opportunities for your blog seasonally. We're talking Christmas, Valentines and Halloween and making certain sales during these times, or finding an influx of work for your blog.

• Running Ads ( & What Ad program is best for me) - Many bloggers struggle to find a suitable AD program for their blog. This is because many AD programs are suited to those with large (20K+) blog views. 

• Sponsored posts and how to actively find sponsored opportunities - The Ultimate Guide To Blog Monetisation shares platforms that you can use to find sponsored work, suggestions on where to find sponsored work. Due to the nature of sponsored opportunities, this does not share contacts directly or any groups to join to find opportunities. This would be counter productive to do so. For example if all the buyers of this ebook flocked to one group for sponsored work it would dilute the amount of opportunities per person

• Selling your own products - How to make sales from creating your own products.

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The Ultimate Guide To Blog Monetisation

8 ratings